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Chemi-Solv - A well established company in Québec

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Specialized Chemi-Solv Services Available Across Quebec

Chemical Cleaning

Chemi-Solv will help even before commissioning of plants and systems. This could be in order to clean welding residues and other contaminants introduced during construction, or for passivation of aluminum or stainless steel equipment. If you are not sure, call us for more details!

The Advantages of Chemical Cleaning:

  • increase equipment efficiency
  • reduce equipment corrosion
  • minimize downtime
  • treat any surface accessible to the solution
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We specialize in :

  • boiler (package, power, recovery)
  • exchanger (tube, plate, etc.)
  • digester
  • evaporator
  • hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • process piping (oxygen, water, etc.)
  • distillation tower
  • compressor cooling
  • passivation of stainless steel (pipes, tanks, etc.)
  • cooling and heating systems (water, steam, etc.)
  • electrolytic cells
  • and more