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A well established company in Québec

Chemi-Solv, a well established company in Québec

Availability, Quality Service and an Experienced Staff

At Chemi-Solv, we have over 50 years of practical experience in chemical cleaning of industrial equipment. We serve a wide variety of industries, including:

  • pulp and paper
  • petrochemical complexes
  • manufacturing industries
  • shipyards
  • mining complexes
  • steelmills and aluminum plants
  • pharmaceutical and food facilities
  • etc.

Specialized Equipment

Our equipment at Chemi-Solv is custom made for chemical cleaning applications. We have fully integrated tank/pumping units with capacities up to 16,000 liters. Our Velo-Filter unit is designed for cleaning hydraulic and lubrication systems and can circulate 800 gallons per minute with 3 micron filtration. We also have a large selection of pumping equipment and accessories that allow us to clean everything from the smallest items to the largest boilers or digesters.

Our Services

Our Safety / Environment Policy

We perform quality work while prioritizing the safety of personnel, the equipment and the environment. Our technicians have the experience and the equipment necessary to do your job safely. All solutions are disposed of in accordance with legal requirements.

Our Chemi-Solv personnel will go anywhere in Québec – call us to make a service request!


Chemical cleaning of all types of boilers

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Industrial boiler cleaning in Quebec

For expert industrial boiler cleaning in Montreal, choose Chemi-Solv! We are known for our exceptional service at competitive prices, and we offer our boiler cleaning service all over Quebec. Our chemical cleaning services are also a great way to minimize corrosion while increasing your equipment’s efficiency.

Why choose us for your boiler chemical cleaning? As one of the leading chemical cleaning companies with over 50 years of experience in the industry, we are equipped to take on your toughest jobs. We can take on jobs of any size thanks to our experienced team and state-of the art equipment, including fully integrated tank and pumping units that can handle up to 16 000 liters.

Safety is our priority, and we ensure the job is done perfectly each and every time you call upon our chemical cleaning services.

For fast industrial boiler cleaning in Montreal at competitive prices, call Chemi-Solv, your boiler cleaning experts. Contact us today for a free quote!

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